Free science-based climate change presentations that are solutions-oriented,
eye-opening and hopeful.
“Several people have approached me to tell me how impressed they were with your presentation. I think that it was a perfect way to kick off our Greener Church Project.” E. Kevin Conley

Speakers from Capital Climate Conversations are concerned volunteers trained by climate experts to present fact-based information on the causes, impacts, and solutions regarding our growing climate crisis.  We conduct a variety of educational events that are science-based, solutions-oriented, eye-opening, and hopeful.

Most presentations can be done online with Zoom as well as in person (when safe post-COVID) and are available free of charge to interested groups of all sizes.

Presentations can be tailored to the needs and backgrounds of different audiences, from citizens interested in learning about the science behind global warming and the status of possible solutions, to activists and policy makers seeking deeper insights into policy options. Civic, church, youth and environmental groups are welcomed, as are businesses.

Events can be talks as brief as thirty minutes or as long as an hour and a half with questions and discussion.  Workshops and role-playing exercises can be as long as two to three hours.

Online events are hosted by the speaker, with links provided to invitees. For in person events (when safe post-COVID), requesting groups must provide the physical meeting space. Audio visual equipment available on site can be used, or speakers can provide a projector, screen, and sound system as required. Some presentations require internet access.